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November 6th, 2006 (v1.12.1)


  • Corrected a bug in the new audio detection, selection, and removal procedures in which some DTS or LPCM streams may not be properly kept even though selected..

November 4th, 2006 (v1.12.0)


  • Made several improvements to the audio detection, selection, and removal procedures, making it less likely for output to be something other than expected.

  • Added routines to recognize segments for which using OPV might cause problems (such as ILVU) and force multiple pass encoding (instead of OPV) for those segments.

  • Corrected a calculation error that could, when unreferenced sectors exist, cause sizing miscalculations while using "Movie Only" mode.

  • Improved recognition and handling procedures for STILL frames and scene changes. Reduced the liklihood of unnecessary segment breaks. This could improve processing speed and reduce complexity.

  • Updated multiplexing algorithm to more robustly handle unusual streams. This is most likely to help in streams with exceptionally numerous scene changes.

  • Corrected a situation that could, under rare circumstances, result in a REBUILD buffer overflow errors.

  • Updated the full installer to include HC Encoder v0.19.1

  • Other minor and cosmetic changes.

October 20th, 2006 (v1.11.0)


  • Several improvements in the authoring engine. This also corrects a bug in which, under certain circumstances, it was possible for the REBUILD phase to create runt VOBUs.

  • Added code to support drag & drop capability for adding files to the batch processor. Please note that only .RBD files will be accepted for dropping.

  • Added code to automatically recognize, adjust, and correct for certain types of corrupt streams.

  • Updated the CCE Path detection code to verify the collected path names and look for variations.

  • Added code to retry certain open statements when O/S calls return before the operation is truly completed. This should correct the occasional "Could not open ... file" errors that seems happen when Kaspersky antivirus in in use on the host system.

  • Corrected a condition in which the VOBU_1stREF_EA NavPack setting could be set incorrectly. Note: This could have happened only under very unusual circumstances.

  • Corrected a bug in which audio remapping may not correctly work when used in conjunction with Movie_Only mode.

  • Fixed "Runtime Error 35600" that can sometimes occur when selecting "Show Extras Only" from the Viewer/Editor menu.

  • Other minor and cosmetic changes.

October 6th, 2006 (v1.10.9)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause erroneous "Corrupt Stream Detected" message to occur during REBUILD.

  • Corrected an issue in which settings saved before a batch process may not be restored correctly at batch end.

  • Corrected an oddity in which unreferenced cells may not be included in the sizing calculation -- resulting in output undersizing.

  • Fixed error in which bitrate values from use of the beta Viewer/Editor are not being written correctly to the ECL file when using CCE SP2.

  • Modified the default bitrate for segments that contain less than 60 frames. Discs with huge numbers of small segments could cause some oversizing.

  • Fixed a rare bug related to loading of Project files.

  • Further improved ReJig sizing algorithm. This should prevent undersizing that was previously observed.

  • Adjusted code related to the processing of .ECL files.

  • Improved sizing algorithm so that it can properly account for some oddly formatted discs.

  • Added code to more accurately predict sizing when working
    in "Movie and Menus Only" mode.

  • Updated the installer to include HC Encoder v0.19.

  • Other minor and cosmetic changes.

September 26th, 2006 (v1.10.8)


  • Corrected an error in the beta Editor/Viewer in which the updates made by "Allocate Saved Space to Feature" may not be saved when exiting.. resulting in undersizing.

  • Added code to reduce the likelihood that network layer delays might cause timing errors.

  • Fixed an issue in which blanking a segment might result erroneous bitrate values.

  • Corrected an bug in which a certain sequence of starting, stopping, and resuming the ENCODE phase could skip one or more segments and result in "Error in UpdateIFO" due to missing M2V file(s).

  • Corrected code so that space related to unreferenced cells that have been removed is returned to video. This could have caused undersizing when backup up certain dics.

  • Added code to help alleviate "slow closing" that seems to happen when using AutoQMatEnc on network drives and the resulting "Cannot open ITEM.ECL" error.

  • Corrected the display of "Est Size (total)" in the beta segment editor/viewer. Previous versions failed to account for NAVPACKs in this value. The "DVD Output Size" display was not affected and remains correct.

  • Other minor and cosmetic changes.

September 12th, 2006 (v1.10.7)


  • Corrected a conversion error in the SP2 beta code. This could cause several possible problems during PREPARE or ENCODE.

  • Added a check that forces ConvertToYUY2() into AVS files that are destined for use in ProCoder. In previous versions deselecting this option could cause ProCoder to stop functioning properly.

  • Corrected functioning of the "<" and ">" buttons in the new beta Viewer/Editor. In some countries' numeric formats the "," decimal separator wasn't being properly interpreted.

  • Corrected several minor slider positioning errors in the beta Viewer/Editor.

  • Corrected a ReJig sizing error.

  • Corrected an error in the new beta SP2 support. The maximum bitrate value was not being properly set. Note that SP2 support continues to be considered "beta".

  • Corrected a bug in the ECL generation for the beta CCE SP2 feature. Previous video for the PAL system when using SP2 could result in blank sections at the end of each video segment.

  • Added settings to the SP2 ECL file that could prevent sizing problems in the event that default values were incorrect.

  • Corrected ECL updating routines in the Segement Editor/Viewer
    for SP2 files.

  • Other minor fixes/enhancements.

September 7th, 2006 (v1.10.6)


  • Multiple instance encoding is now supported for AutoQmatEnc as well as HC, QuEnc, and ProCoder. Note: This requires AQE version 0.33 or greater. You can download it from

  • Corrected an issue in which a non-zero value in a RESERVED section of the DSI_GI table of a NAVPACK could erroneously cause cells to be flagged as unreferenced. This condition doesn't seem to occur in any commercial discs -- but does appear in discs authored using "ULEAD DVD MovieFactory".

  • Improved the sizing slider for the beta Viewer/Editor. Added a "<" and ">" for small upward and downward sizing. This should help get the value to exactly what you might decide is perfect.

  • Made several processing improvements to the Viewer/Editor.

  • Added a menu item "Allocate Saved Space to Feature" to the beta Viewer/Editor. This will take any unused space recovered through lowering bitrates, setting "Blank" etc. and allocate it to the feature VTS.

  • Added a menu item "Reset to Default" to the beta Viewer/ Editor. This will remove all actions and reset to the state before any blanking, etc. has taken place.

  • Added a "hidden" setting, "DISABLE_UNREFERENCED_REMOVAL". This allows you to keep unreferenced cells and VTSs if for some reason it becomes necessary. By default DVD-RB removes any video/audio that, based upon the IFOs, is not actually used on the DVD.

  • Fixed an inconsistency in the IFO's VTS_PTT_SRPT table that could happen during movie-only encodes.

  • Added support for CCE SP2 (Trial). This feature uses settings that are only moderately tested and should be considered "Beta" -- it is not recommended that it be used except for testing. In order to activate the feature for testing you must add the line "SP2_Support=1" to the "[Options]" area of the REBUILDER.INI file.

  • Added VTS_MIN_SIZE and VTSM_MIN_SIZE checks in the REBUILD module. In previous versions changing this value between PREPARE and REBUILD (which is something that could only be done manually and should never be done) could result in "Runtime Error 6".

  • Added code to find default paths for CCE that will be used if not overridden by those in the INI file.

  • Changed the shell call for execution of encoders in a minimized state to not receive focus.

  • Improved the layer_break recognition routines to more judiciously decide whether to change cell settings in the IFO.

  • Other minor and cosmetic changes.

August 23th , 2006 (v1.10.5)


  • Corrected an error introduced in Pan & Scan support that could cause "...error getting MPG start code. [02:53:59] 00070 00006"

  • Corrected an issue in which writing directly to disc using
    ImgBurn would create a "Pause" for display of image details
    and required user intervention in order to continue.

August 22th , 2006 (v1.10.4)


  • Added a new "ImgBurn Directly to Disc (No ISO)" option under the "Mode" menu. When selected this option will, at then end of DVD file creation, automatically burn to disc using the newest version of ImgBurn. Note -- the option is only enabled if you have ImgBurn v2.0.0.0 or greater installed on your computer. No ISO file will be created on your hard drive when using this option. ImgBurn is highly recommended and can be downloaded at

  • Modified the "Check Latest Version" option under the "Help" menu. It now brings you to a "Download" page. This is meant to make it easier for registered users to check for and obtain the most recent version.

  • Corrected an error that prevented OPV mode from working correctly for AutoQMatEnc. The result in previous versions would have been multiple passes regardless of the setting.

  • Added code for checking and adjusting for Pan & Scan mode in menu creation. This should correct the problem on certain players where menu video appears horizontally compressed and button placement appears off.

  • Added code to recognize and exclude unreferenced cells. This can improve picture quality by reallocated wasted space to referenced cells. In addition it can prevent processing confusion and audio missynchronization that can occur as a result of insertion of unreferenced cells.

  • Updated the AutoQMatEnc Advanced settings dialog so it supports enabling/disabling automatic bias. The bias now affects the outcome (before AutoBias was always in effect).

  • Made prediction improvements in calculations for one pass (Q and CQ) encoding. Note: Setting higher-than-standard target sizes increases the likelihood of oversizing. This new OPOV algorithm targets more closely.

  • Modified code to provide greater compatibility with newest version ( of ImgBurn.

  • Other minor/cosmetic changes.

August 11th , 2006 (v1.10.3)


  • Added routines to recognize and ignore extraneous files in the source directory -- including unreferenced VTSs that serve no purpose except to occupy space.

  • Fixed "Runtime Error 6" that can occur during rebuild when dealing with very small M2V files under specific conditions.

  • Corrected a problem in which, under specific circumstances, ILVU segments for angles that are encoded with CCE may not be encoding with necessary GOP restrictions.

  • Fixed an error in which pointers in the SML_AGLI table could incorrectly set some block pointers to NEXT_ILVU + 1 rather then NEXT_ILVU. This could cause a momemtary audio or video "jump" when switching angles.

  • Tweaked several ILVU settings to ensure strict compliance.

  • Added code to verify paths in INI. This will prevent the occurance of Runtime Error '52' and Runtime Error '76' when invalid paths are manually entered into the INI file.

  • Fixed a bug in which the completion status bar may not be updated to reflect 100% at the end of PREPARE.

  • Updated the installer to include AVISYNTH v2.5.6. It will NOT, however, overwrite your existing AVISYNTH installation so it it recommended that if you want to upgrade to this newer version -- you must first uninstall AVISYNTH using the Windows Control Panel.

  • Added Rebuilder version information to AVS, INF, and LOG files to make debugging easier.

  • Corrected a bug in which detection of the AutoQMatEnc path may not have worked properly on some non-English systems.

  • Corrected an error in which "Runtime Error '52'" may occur at startup on systems that use drives other than "C:" as the root.

  • Fixed a command line incompatibility issue with early versions of QuEnc.

  • Added an optional alternate output path for ISO creation. By adding "ISO_OUTPUT=" (and a path) to the "[Paths]" area of the REBUILDER.INI you can redirect output to a path or drive other than the output directory.

  • Updated the installer to include the latest QuEnc v0.71.

  • Fixed other minor/cosmetic bugs.

July 3rd, 2006 (v1.10.2)


  • Fixed a problem with the new editor in which automatic blanking and slideshow that is executed when "Movie and Menus" or "Move, Menus, and Slideshow Extras" was not reallocating saved space to the feature. This only happened when "Use Beta (test) Viewer/Editor" was selected. Extreme undersizing of output could occur.

  • Corrected a bug introduced in v1.10 that was related to the new Viewer/Editor. This bug could result in "Corrupt stream" message when using one of the "Movie and Menus" or "Move, Menus, and Slideshow Extras" modes was selected. It could also cause these modes to fail.

  • Corrected an error in which clicking on the MENUS option when no menus were being reencoded could cause a "Runtime Error 13". (v1.10.1).

July 1st, 2006 (v1.10.1)


  • Newly updated and improved Segment Editor/Viewer. You can now adjust reduction percentages using a slider. The new viewer also improves the viewability and ease of use for editing and makes several other future features possible. Note that the editor is BETA. It is meant to be tested (only) in this version. For that reason you must manually select "Use Beta (test) Viewer/Editor" under the "Settings" menu to enable it.

  • Corrected an error in menu reencoding in which some STILL menus might show momentarily (on certain specific players) and then exit.

  • Changed defaults in the Viewer/Editor so that "Show Extras Only" is no longer the default.

  • Fixed a bug in which extraction of ILVU sections when a source requires no encoding might receive "corrupt" source warnings and report other unpredictable errors.

  • Corrected an error in which the AutoQMatEnc version many not be collected when the path is obtained from the INI file.

  • Removed the "Special Error Processing" option. It no longer serves a purpose.

  • Corrected an error in which some small VTSs may not be blanked or stilled when selecting "Movie and Menu Only" or "Movie, Menus, and Slideshow Extras".

  • Fixed a bug in which the value set into vobu_se_e_ptm could be incorrectly calculated and might possibly result in odd menu behavior on some players.

  • Corrected a bug in which the number of passes selection in the AutoQMatEnc advanced screen was disabled when CCE Basic was checked.

  • Improved the method for inserting NAVPACKs related to STILL processing.

  • Added a horizontal scroll bar to filter editor so long filters are kept on one line during editing.

  • Added code to prevent a very rare cell transition timing anomaly that can occur when the source contains an irregularity.

  • Updated QuEnc version included in the installer to v0.70

  • Other minor bug and cosmetic fixes.

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